Dahts Life

Life goes on; might as well N'jy It


Been busy lately and forget all about the site.

Anyway the latest is HM 4's  attended the Newcrest Mining Limited Roadshow. It was fun.

Retreat on 16-17 of August 2011

It was so peaceful and calm to collect ourselves back as a person reflecting on our lifes journey...Lots of things were taught by Sister Rosella which was encouraging and motivated us. There were only six of us (all female) but it was exciting and we felt refreshed when returning back to school.

Most of our violent acts over-shadows our non-violent ways. However, when time is given to reflect back and evaluate on it, changes occurs without you realizing.

Thank you so much DWU for providing this type of get away and our facilitator Sister Rosella. God Bless

School work, school work and what else school work for infinity....

It never gets any easier when you're going further more steps into your studies.

Work load is forever present and waiting to be dealt with. It's how you handle it, whether to commit yourself and achieve better marks or sit back and complaint about the marks scored due to our own laziness.

Anyway, never giving up is the maggic to do better next time around. Yeah and without involving  the father of wisdom and knowledge, our cleverness and qualifications is nothing...

School Cool, no ones gona do it for anyone, idviduals ourselfs can prove to be worth of something from our failures.

Desire + Determination = Success

Looking forward for Independence Week

The Health Management Department at DWU will be having an informal celebration in front of the HM block on 16th September 2011.

Also included in the agenda are: Farewell to our mentor Mr. Albert Rodgers Sika and the final year students. Kar mi wari yah.....