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Life goes on; might as well N'jy It


Hi, hi this ma corner. Most Welcome :-)


Hi, my names Rod but everyone calls me Dada. Im from the Highlands region of PNG.I turned 23 the month before May (Is dis necessary?(any way)

Im studying Health Management Course at DWU and this ma final year. I love to learn new things and my hobbies are; sleeping( well its good for my health) haha, cracking stupid jokes, making friends, cleaning anything, cooking (not really), listening to music, dancing and gardening....

I really wanted to become a professional accountant or a defence but I ended up taking Health Management which is more fun and interesting.This year has been very challenging and tough for me unlike most other times. What OK!

Screaming out loud and hanging around with friends is the best way to cool off anger and hurt.I guess. My moto is to: Never ever base my entire life on emotions cos life is fun but hurts like hell most of the time.

I think I'll stop here before I preach too much about myself which I normally dont !!!! Until then

"Luv m sta no meta"






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With Human Resource Department of Mendi General Hospital

Working as a Staff Training and Development Officer. Also help out in other HR activities

Married and have a beautiful daughter who is 3 months 1 weeks old